3D printed brooches of Animals

Lucia Šúpolová is an young designer who you know under the nick Supolka from the portal On her profile she is offering wooden crafted spoons which were inspired by her memories on the summer spent in nature. This inspiration you can feel also in her next project, printed brooches that we had chance to create.


This time Lucia did not use wood as natural material but she experimented with new technology, 3D printing. Brooches were printed of PLA material that is starch based. In the first set were animals like bear, hare, owl, doe or goat and were in grey and ivory light color. In the future you can expect even more different animals in many more colors.



animals_3d-printing_3d-tlac_tvaroch_10 animals_3d-printing_3d-tlac_tvaroch_12 animals_3d-printing_3d-tlac_tvaroch_16 animals_3d-printing_3d-tlac_tvaroch_18 animals_3d-printing_3d-tlac_tvaroch_20 animals_3d-printing_3d-tlac_tvaroch_23