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Architecture and Urbanism

Designing architectonic and urbanistic solutions is a complicated and comprehensive process. It’s creating environment, which influences the quality of our life. Careful problem studying, proposing solutions and its following presentation are necessary in this process. Projects themselves are presented to clients or investors, who often don’t understand the depth of the problem completely. This is …

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Design and Prototyping

The foundation of the industry today is, without doubt, mass production. However, before the designed product or its part gets to the manufacturing stage and real life, it has to undergo several development phases. This is why the effectiveness and speed by which it undergoes these phases is an important factor in terms of success …

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Sculpture Art 3D printed

Art is an umbrella term for many forms of an artist reflecting reality following their own observations and knowledge. In the case of visual art, where the main medium mass, 3D printing can become one of the ways to express one’s artistic ambition. Advantages of 3D printing in art Complex shapes – 3D printing liberates …

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3D printing in marketing / minion

Even if you offer the best product or service, succeeding on today’s market is really challenging. It’s crowded, customers are spoiled and to be noticed you have to engage the audience. For creativity, it’s necessary to always look for new methods of teasing and grabbing the attention of customers. Advantages of 3D printing in design …

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Science and Research

Science and research requires knowledge and also will. It’s a process which doesn’t have a clearly defined path, requires a creative mind, individual approach and solution. Advantages of 3D printing in science and research Advantages of 3D printing in science Can flexibly and quickly react to various needs of research. Using physical models without dimensional …

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