4x legendary Mustang Shelby

Recently, we had been working on a very nice project with an insurance company Swiss RE Management AG. Our aim was to show the range of use of 3D printing. We had decided to present 4 of technologies and demonstrated these methods on a legendary car Mustang Shelby in its LEGO form.

After transforming the LEGO model into its digital version, we firstly produced it in full color gypsum composite. Using full range of colors, gypsum composite always provides a very realistic look of all printed models. As a second one, we used FFF/FDM technology and the material woodfill that consists of PLA and wood. Metal printing we used as the third method. The alloy of bronze and steel created impressive statuette of the original LEGO Mustang model. In order to show that the model in digital form is able to scale easily, we scaled down the replica to 75% of its original size. The most suitable material for this method seemed to be a detailed resin, which is showing even small details and surface structure.

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The entire process of printing on Form 2 was captured by a camera and used in a short presentation video created by Tochichip production.