50 miniature chairs

Everyone at HOSU Office Solutions loves their job and they are always trying to give to their clients something extra. Therefore they prepared for them a small 3D-printed gift for them. We were given the task to produce 50 scaled-down miniature chairs of iconic office chair Silver, which was used the James Bond film Quantum of Solace. Each chair had a height of only 7 cm and the production required big concentration and effort. It contains a lot of delicate parts which required special treatment. It was printed with full-color technology of gypsum composite impregnated with glue.

HOSU_3D-printing_01 HOSU_3D-printing_13HOSU_3D-printing_10HOSU_3D-printing_14 HOSU_3D-printing_19HOSU_3D-printing_16HOSU_3D-printing_22