3d printed luster pla clear 6


At first look it seems like a bunch of failed prints but joined together under the hands of designer they created spectacular lighting design. 3D printed chandelier is design by Silvia Lovásová and it was seen first time at Bratislava Design Week 2015.


Chandelier is the result of an experiment with desktop 3d printer. Instead of following all recommended settings, I decided to omit a support material in places where it is needed to reach new form. The shape that doesn’t correspond with the digital model, but arise from a flaw – fallen layers of plastic. This mistake becomes an advantage, the main and decorative motif of the object that refers to traditional chandeliers.” Luster is assembled from 60 pieces of separately printed parts and made-to-measure LED lighting.


Failed 3D prints doesn’t always mean only waste of time and material. It depends only on you how you deal with this.

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