Sportwatch is the graduation project of student Rene Valenta from the Faculty of Architecture of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. It is a great visual prototype of sport watch that measures various body functions.

This is an interesting project where we did not use common materials for 3D printing like plastics but flexible material and stainless steel. They can better represent materials of the real product and thus make the prototype more visually attractive. The Straps were printed using flexible material on our printer Form 2. After removing supports they were painted black.


2016-05-06 13.21.22 2016-05-06 21.48.21

Metal parts – watch and the closing were printed using stainless steel 316L with powder technology. The actual steel printing process is multistep. Metal powder is bonded with polymeric binder and then sintered. Shiny metal look was reached by polishing.

The final step was to glue the flexible and metal parts together.


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