4x legendary Mustang Shelby

Recently, we had been working on a very nice project with an insurance company Swiss RE Management AG. Our aim was to show the range of use of 3D printing.

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The Golden Yarn of Moric Benovsky.

Not so long ago, we have done our part and helped designer Fero Tóth with his project for the Pass it on collection. 

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Sportwatch is the graduation project of student Rene Valenta from the Faculty of Architecture of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. It is a great visual prototype of sport watch that measures various body functions.

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Digital manufacturing – Comparison of technologies

New product development and design is a process of iterative search. It is nearly impossible to design a product in a way so that it can be mass-produced and sold straight from the drawing board. Each product goes through various stages of development and it is gradually tuned, tested and changed before the product finally succeeds in the market.

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3D printed brooches of Animals

Lucia Šúpolová is an young designer who you know under the nick Supolka from the portal On her profile she is offering wooden crafted spoons which were inspired by her memories on the summer spent in nature. This inspiration you can feel also in her next project, printed brooches that we had chance to create.

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How we made replicas of the first Slovak satellite

Slovakia will soon have its first satellite! It is the work of the team from SOSA (Slovak Organization for Space Activities). Unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to participate directly in the production but we were asked to create 11 copies in scale 1:1 that look like the original. Let’s have a look how the process was carried out.

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At first look it seems like a bunch of failed prints but joined together under the hands of designer they created spectacular lighting design.

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