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Elastic resin

The most elastic available 3D printed material with elongation up to 160% and hardness only 50A shore. Material is suitable for functional products, where simulating flexible characteristics of rubber or silicone is necessary.

Typical use

Models and products with flexible parts. Typically, soft silicone and urethane parts for applications like wearables, medical models, robotics.
Also see Applying 3D printing

Design guide

Maximum size1: 145 x 145 x 175 mm
Minimal wall thickness: 0,6 mm
Minimum details2: 0,1 mm
Layer height: 0,1 mm

1 largest model size printed as one piece, larger models are required to be printed as separate parts but they can easily be connected
2 details and structures of models smaller than the minimum details size can be wrongly portrayed or get lost entirely

material properties (datasheet)


The final model can be edited further to achieve even smoother surface.

Colouring is suitable when the base is basic paint for plastic surfaces and afterwards acrylic spray paint.

For bonding, epoxy glue, which creates flexible joint, has proven effective.


Layering acrylic based photopolymer cured with UV light by the company Formlabs. It creates smooth surface and accurate geometry.

Printer, Form 2


Ships in

1 – 3 business days


Resistance ***
Surface roughness *****
Details ****
Flexibility *****
Transparency ****


high level of detail


limited range of colors