Is 3D printing expensive?

You can choose from more expensive and cheaper technologies depending on the purpose of the model. It is fabrication technology and sometimes is more reliable to combine it with other fabrication methods like machining or laser cutting. Often it’s necessary to optimize the model for 3D printing. Correct division, orientation or creating cavities can help cut costs significantly.

What is the price of printing?

The price of printing depends on the used material and chosen technology.
With 3D printing the price of the final model depends on several factors:

  • chosen material and its quantity
  • time needed for printing
  • size and complexity of the model
  • additional editing of given data

The price can change if the model is printed together with other objects. Since 3D printing requires certain machine preparation, it’s easier and more economical to fill the printer capacity with, for example, more smaller models. The delivery time of the order can influence the price and particularly with small objects.

What file formats are supported by printer?
What if my model is in a different file format than .STL or .OBJ?

You can use an online tool for converting Online Converter or the freely downloadable program Meshlab.

What if my file is incorrect? How do I fix it?

To repair .STL files we recommend Netfabb ( service, which fixes files up to 100MB for free. Before using this service, registration is needed.

For more info about fixing a model visite our page 3D model


How long does it take to print a model?

That mostly depends on the technology you choose. With our in-house technologies it’s usually 1-3 days. Metal and large-format prints it usually take 7 -14 business days. You will be always informed in advance about the exact date of model delivery.

Payment and Delivery

Payment methods

  1. bank wire, IBAN number SK43 0900 0000 0050 6778 4308, BIC GIBASKBX

Shipping and delivery

  1. Slovak mail
  2. Personal pick-up at our office
    Michalská 3,
    81101 Bratislava


Is my data safe?

All information and data that you were provided us are used only for business purpose and will not be shared or given to a third party without your approval unless are legally required.

What cannot be printed?

We dissociate ourselves and we will not support the production of objects that directly threaten safety or are contrary with the laws of the Slovak Republic.

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